About Amara Wellness

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The Vision & Mission 


Our vision is to educate, empower and help restore health and dignity to the millions of people that are fed-up with the traditional healthcare systems approach of treating the “symptoms” as opposed to treating the “whole” person by addressing health problems at the root cause of the problem through gentle, alternative methods. 


Amara Wellness is unique because we are a holistic minded wellness center that provides services through complementary modalities such as herbalism, meditation, breathwork and art-therapy workshops which are natural and gentle forms of healing, through a noninvasive, trauma-informed approach. This integrated approach to health is one of the prominent features of Amara Wellness.


We believe to heal a community one first begins with healing oneself.


In addition to 1:1 consultations, we offer monthly community workshops and women's circles on herbalism and womb healing. Our specialty is working with people that have anxiety, past trauma, PTSD and domestic violence. 


Our mission at Amara Wellness is to help guide clients on a journey back to their true, original nature – that is already whole and complete. This is accomplished by exploring three fundamental key values:

  1. Dignity – we aim to restore dignity to the client by “handing them back their health” by empowering them to take control of their health decisions.                                        

  2. Restoration – restore the body to its natural state-of-being through awareness and education on health, balance, nutrition, and stress.                                                    

  3. Wholeness – Developing a wellness protocol that supports health and wellbeing by incorporating daily habits and rituals that promote health. 

The Founder 


My journey with plants began when I was a young girl, being raised by my Cuban grandmother who taught me about plant medicine. Back then, I recall being sick on numerous occasions and we didn't visit the doctor often, instead my grandmother used herbs from her garden to make teas that were soothing to my soul.


Faced with my own mortality with a diagnosis that would change my life when I was 18, I found healing through herbs and plant medicine once again. I went on to study Earth Sciences at UCLA and eventually went to graduate school to study Psychology. Life was happening all around me, but my love for plants and herbs have always been at the center of my life. 

I have a deep passion for herbalism, community and mental health. I'm fortunate that I was able to blend my love for herbalism and mental health by creating Amara Wellness. 

My primary focus is helping people with anxiety, PTSD, trauma and womb health issues. 

I have had many teachers in the field of herbalism. I've studied under the late and beloved Dr. Sebi and Tim Morrow - both of whom I met years ago and have a deep love and respect for. 


Mathew Wood, IWilla Remedy and my ongoing clinical herbal apprenticeship program is with Julie James at Green Wisdom School of Herbalism. 

~Tanishia Harris~

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