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Narcissistic Recovery and Abuse Expert 

Welcome to Heart-Centered Living and Coaching! I’m Tanishia Harris - - coach, mindfulness meditation teacher, writer and speaker. I have a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, over 600 hours of clinical counseling work and certifications in trauma/meditation. Truth be told, none of these credentials qualifies me to work with you or makes me an expert. 


My expertise comes directly from my own life experiences and bumping my head along the road more times than I can count. Due to my own unhealed childhood trauma, I struggled in many areas of my life over the years and sabotaged my personal growth, created and attracted unhealthy relationships and compromised my sanity, despite my glittery background and educational training.  


The truth is, when it comes to personal growth, things like education, training and economic background doesn’t really matter and won’t help with changing mindsets and transforming toxic thinking and destructive behaviors. We can only change patterns of behavior and thought through self-inquiry, a deep commitment to relearn new patterns and most importantly, living a heart-centered life.

This is why I created the Heart-Centered Coaching Program. A personalized 6-month program designed to teach Mastery of Thought to create permanent behavior change.

Heart-Centered Coaching Can Help With Any of the Following:

Breaking unhealthy relationship patterns. 

Getting unstuck from stressful, negative thoughts. 

Rebuilding self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Strengthening relationship bonds. 

Personalized Self-Care Plan

A Heart-Centered life requires patience, self-inquiry, stillness, acceptance, letting go and mastery over unhealthy thoughts and behavior patterns. 

Working with Tanishia changed my life from the inside out. She's intuitive, contemplative, and VERY peaceful. I'm learning to adopt the heart centered lifestyle and practicing self inquiry. 

- Samantha Tyler

This entire experience has been expansive and refreshing. Tanishia takes you on a journey into your limitations and assists with getting to the core of deep conditioning that keeps you stuck. Self love, inquiry, and mindfulnesss are key. 

- Olivia Green

Wow! All I can say is Inquiry! There is a change that takes place within you when you practice self inquiry. It requires an open mind, but truly life changing. 

- Will Jackson

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