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The Heart-Centered Personal Program

Heart Centered is living from the heart and staying centered in your reality. It means living life from a place of constantly being in alignment with how you want to feel, in any given moment. Nothing outside of you should be able to control your emotions and behaviors, but many of us allow people, events and circumstances to dictate just that. It means remaining “centered” and “grounded” in your mind and body, despite what’s going on in the outside world. It means showing up in the world unapologetically and being your most true and “authentic self.” The problem is that many of us aren’t connected to our hearts in a way that we should be. Most of us don’t take the time to sit in silence and embrace the inner voice that’s been begging to get your attention or the inner child that still shows up in our lives that needs nurturing.

What does that look like in the real world? Saying yes, when you really should be saying no. Letting fear block you from taking risks. Staying in unhealthy job situations and relationships. Having anger issues, addictions, poor self-care regimens and destructive behavior patterns such as jealousy and control issues.

The program teaches Mastery of Thought through self-inquiry and a personalized plan to break unhealthy patterns of thought and behavior to invoke permanent behavioral change and transformation.

The Heart Centered Coaching Program is a 6-month program that begins 2 weeks prior to the initial consultation. Each attendee is given a self-care regime to follow and a gift bag with essential tools, a planner, and specific assignments to complete by their first session.


The Heart-Centered Workshops and annual Women's Retreats are half a day and day-long events that are custom designed to create a space for connection, heart-centered dialogue, personal growth and self-inquiry. 

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